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Bonus Materials


  1. Polymer processing – part 1: Polymers: definition, types, classification and recycling; explaining the polymerisation process, making and shipping polymers
  2. Polymer processing – part 2: demonstration of polymer processing techniques, injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, blown film, sheet, thermoforming, two-step process for PET bottles (from preforms), roto-moulding and 3D printing
  3. Inter-polymer competition: polymer performance and price pyramid; growth of different competiung polymers
  4. Introduction to economics: building up the cost of production and cash cost; location factors, economies of scale, cost curves, shutdown economics and transfer pricing
Section 7

Bonus Materials

  • Polymer processing – part 1
  • Polymer processing – part 2
  • Inter-polymer competition
  • Introduction to economics

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